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rooftech associates seallap

Granule-free and self-adhesive compound

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Polyglass has redesigned the manufacturing process to develop patent-pending SEALLap ULTRA. SEALLap ULTRA is the patented, granule-free, and self-adhesive compound in the side lap of Polyglass’ ADESO® granulated cap sheets.…
rooftech associates end lap

Granule-Free End Lap

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Ready for a faster, stronger, cleaner, and safer end lap? FASTLap® is a patented, granule-free end lap featured on Polyglass modified bitumen membranes. Install cap sheets faster without compromising performance.…
rooftech associates cement

Top Modified Cement Products

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Top Modified Cement Products Spotlight on PG 500 & PolyPlus®️️ 50 Discover the benefits and features of two of Polyglass's top modified cement products — and find out when you…
rooftech associates webinar july

Ludowici Webinar Series – July

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Ludowici Webinar Series - July Are you ready for July? Here are the Ludowici Webinars that are planned for the month of July. You can RSVP here with the corresponding…
rooftechassosciates webinar polyschool

Self-Adhered Underlayments Webinar

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Intro Webinar for Self-Adhered & Steep-Slope Underlayments This 1-hour online course includes a brief introduction to Polyglass USA, It focuses on the best self-adhered underlayment to install when covered by…
rooftech associates presentation

Lunch delivered with our presentation.

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Presentation for inside the office RTS & Associates are delivering an online Architectural presentation along with lunch to your office! Having an online presentation with lunch delivered is a way…
rooftech associates ideas

Factory of Ideas

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Hands-on Idea Factory Ludowici’s Factory of Ideas design center is a unique hands-on facility where visitors work one-on-one to curate their design with our team of experts. Housed in a…
roof tech associates polyplus50 products

The Answer…PolyPlus50

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The Question: What is the best wet/dry cement for use in a wide variety of roofing applications? PolyPlus50 premium modified wet/dry cement is a superior quality formulation for use in a…
rooftech associates lunch

Free for lunch?

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We would love to host a Lunch & Learn for your team! Keeping your team up to speed on all the products and processes is a challenge, we have the…
rts associates hurricane

Hurricane Season is almost here.

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Are you Hurricane prepared? Here at RTS & Associates, our mission is to get everyone through this year's hurricane season. Make sure you’re well prepared for Emergency calls by having…
rood tech associates winners

Ludowici Project of the Year Winners

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Project of the Year Winners Ludowici announced our official Project of the Year Winners this quarter. After careful review of a stunning group of entries, our judges narrowed down the…
roof teh associates time trials

Self-Adhered Membranes – Time Trials

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Polyglass Time Trials for Self-Adhered Membranes Polyglass is the largest manufacturer of self-adhered membranes in the U.S. Self-adhered roofing technology offers contractors safer, cleaner installations and significant savings in labor…
rooftech associates polyflash

PolyFlash! Flashing Compound

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PolyFlash® 1C Flashing Compound As a reliable, versatile solution for temporary and permanent roof repairs, PolyFlash 1C is an ideal product for contractors to have on hand when performing roof…
rooftech associates polyfresko

Polyfresko Membranes Meet or Exceed Cool Roof Standards

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What Is The Technology Behind Polyfresko? Polyfresko membranes feature CURE Technology, which provides exceptional granule retention, minimal staining, scuff resistance, and UV stabilization for long-term durability and performance. With its…
rooftech associates earth

Earth Day Focus

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Be a Part of the Earth Day Change Earth Day is April 22, 2021. Many important environmental events have happened on Earth Day since 1970, Earth Day continues to be…
rooftech associates polystick

Polystick XFR Fire-Resistant Self-Adhered Underlayment

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Polystick ® XFR from Polyglass Polyglass U.S.A., Inc., a leading manufacturer of roofing and waterproofing systems, is pleased to announce the release of Polystick XFR, an advanced dual-purpose fire-resistant and…
rooftech associaties webinar

Ludowici Webinars

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Get Smarter about Terra Cotta with a Ludowici Webinar Enrich your knowledge of architectural terra cotta in a learning series webinar lead by company experts versed in terra cotta, ceramics…
rooftech associates stick

Stick one – Torch one Potential Benefits

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Polyglass Stick One Torch One While you may already be selling Polyglass Stick One Torch One, are you aware of all the benefits! Review the sales flyer  Polyglass Stick One/Torch…
roof tech associates D.C.

Roofing Day in DC

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Roofing Day in D.C. is going virtual in 2021! Join fellow roofing professionals at the premier roofing industry advocacy event as we take the industry’s priorities to Washington, D.C. March…
rooftech associates dcc

DCC 2021 Cancer Challenge

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DCC 2021 Cancer Challenge This year the DCC is April 10, I will again be on the road with team Polyglass. It's personal for me, my family has had several bouts…
rooftechassosciates webinar polyschool

Polyschool Seminars

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Polyschool - Seminars for Professional Growth Polyschool is an educational forum to teach roofing contractors, installers, sales, distributors, consultants, and architects more about what makes Polyglass products unique to the…
rooftechassociates QRewards

Get REWARDED with Polyglass QRewards!

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QRewards is here! QRewards is Polyglass’s rewards program for roofing contractors. By purchasing Polyglass products you can earn and spend your points on your favorite items and activities: vacations, sports,…
rooftechassociates love

Show the roof you’re on some love!

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Do You Love Your Roof? Polyglass manufactures its coatings to the highest industry standards for use on various substrates and surfaces. Acrylic and Silicone roof coatings have been used by…
rooftech associates adeso

Polyglass ADESO Innovative Roofing Products

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What is ADESO Technology? Polyglass is the largest manufacturer of self-adhered membranes in the U.S. ADESO Technology revolutionized the modified bitumen industry by manufacturing dual-compound self-adhered (SA) membranes using a…
rooftechassosciates webinar polyschool

Polyschool 601 Webinar

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Polyschool 601 Liquid Applied Membrane Estimating Webinar Polyglass and Roof Tech Associates invite you to join this informative webinar on JANUARY 14, 2 PM ET. Liquid Applied Membrane Estimating will…
roof tech associates time

How Contractors Save Time and Labor

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Save Time and Labor Saving time means saving money! Self-adhered roofing technology offers contractors safer, cleaner installations, and significant savings in labor costs. To demonstrate these labor savings, Polyglass U.S.A.,…
rooftech associates ludowici

Trusted. Timeless. Terra Cotta.

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Introducing Ludowici Clay Tiles For over 130 years architects, homeowners, universities, commercial, and government clients have turned to Ludowici Tiles for uniquely beautiful architectural terra cotta clay tile products that…
rooftech associates adeso

Faster and Safer Roof Systems with ADESO® Self-Adhered Technology

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ADESO® Self-Adhered Membranes Polyglass has revolutionized the low-slope commercial & residential roofing industry. These dual-compound self-adhered modified bitumen membranes combine a true APP or SBS compound top weathering surface with…
roof tech associates products

Polyglass Commercial Roofing Systems

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Why Polyglass? Polyglass is a leading manufacturer of modified bitumen roofing, waterproofing membranes, and roof coatings for low- and steep-slope applications. Polyglass commercial roof systems provide better protection, greater reflectivity,…
roof tech associates elastoflex

Save Time & Labor – Elastoflex SA V Flashing Strips

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How to Install Elastoflex SA V Flashing Strips Elastoflex® SA V Flashing Strips are factory cut rolls of Polyglass' Elastoflex SA V membrane featuring patented ADESO® Dual-Compound Technology. In this…
roof tech associates endlap

Endlap on a Fabric-Surfaced Underlayment

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How to Install an Endlap on a Fabric-Surfaced Underlayment Our goal is to help you with all your installation efforts. Watch our tips from Polyglass Roofing Experts. To help ensure…
rta velociflex

Protect Against High-Speed Winds with Velociflex Roofing Systems

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Velociflex by Polyglass Has multiple installation and assembly options and has been independently tested for high-speed wind protection up to 270 lbs per square foot. Velociflex Features & Benefits A…
rta polyflash

PolyFlash® 1C Flashing Compound

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PolyFlash® 1C Flashing Compound PolyFlash 1C is a one-component, moisture-cure white flashing compound designed for sealing various roofing and waterproofing details, including walls, curbs, vents, roof drains, pitch pans and…
metal roof

Calculate the Amount of Coating Needed for a Metal Roof

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Do You Need to Know How to Calculate the Amount of Coating Needed for a Metal Roof? Polyglass has the answer! To calculate how much liquid roof coating is required…
rta polyplus 50

PolyPlus®50 – Superior Bonding Strength

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Get superior bonding strength for emergency roof repairs — even in standing water. PolyPlus 50 premium modified wet/dry cement is a superior quality formulation for use in a wide variety…


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Flexibility, Efficiency, & Performance Polyglass' Elastoflex SA V Plus membrane is a self-adhered, elastomeric base ply low-slope roofing product. Elastoflex SA V Plus is ideal for job sites with limited…
rta elastomeric coating

Elastomeric Roof Coatings – Can it save a replacement?

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Why Recommend a Polyglass Elastomeric Roof Coatings?   Polyglass manufactures the best roof coating available. Our products are not only superior, they carry the credentials to prove it. Most other…
rta dcc

DCC 2020 – Miami Dolphins Cancer Challenge

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DCC 2020 #TACKLECANCER! On February 29, 2020, I will join the Miami Dolphins and thousands of South Florida residents to tackle cancer here in our community to raise funds for…
rta polystick polyglass

Polystick® by Polyglass!

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For Every Roof Need! Polystick® Self-Adhered Underlayments, produced by Polyglass U.S.A., are manufactured with ADESO®, a patented Dual-Compound Self-Adhesive technology which provides for a high-temperature weathering surface and an aggressive…
roof tech associates DCC tackle cancer

Dolphins Cancer Challenge, Time to Tackle Cancer!

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Tackle Cancer! On April 6, 2019, I will join the Miami Dolphins and thousands of South Florida residents to tackle cancer here in our community. Over the last seven years,…

New from Polyglass – Velociflex!

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Velociflex The System Within The Name- the ability to withstand high wind velocity with extreme flexibility. The Polyglass Velociflex high wind resistant roof assembly is designed for steel or structural concrete…
rta training

CERTA Safety Programs

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Safety Programs Significantly Reduce Accidents The number of serious roofing torch-related fire incidents has decreased significantly since 2004 when the Torch Safety program was implemented in the roofing industry. For…

Polyglass Keeps it Kool with Polyfresko!

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Polyfresko with Cure Technology is right for the job! Polyglass, the company that changed the roofing industry with its ADESO Dual Compound Technology is leading the industry again with Polyfresko, featuring CURE Technology. Cure Technology results…
roof texh associates Kingspan high performance skylights

High-Performance Daylighting

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High-Performance Daylighting Kingspan Light & Air formerly Bristolite Daylighting Systems is one of the most recognized names in high-performance daylighting. For approximately 50 years, Kingspan has led the industry with…
RTA SafePro

SafePro Keeps You Safe

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Roof-Hatch Doors & Perimeter Rails by SafePro SafePro has a great solution to ensure the safety and health of your employees and staff. Roof Hatch Access Doors provide convenient, cost-efficient rooftop…
roof tech associates challenge

Dolphins Cancer Challenge with Team Polyglass

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Dolphins Cancer Challenge On February 10, 2018, I will join the Miami Dolphins and thousands of South Florida residents to tackle cancer here in our community. Over the last seven years,…
roof tech associates daylighting

Daylighting Solutions – You Need the Light

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Daylighting Solutions Roof Tech Associates is always looking for the best and newest technologies to bring to our clients. We have now partnered with Kingspan Light & Air (formerly Bristolite)…
rta Irma

Hurricane Irma

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SAFETY FIRST - BE SAFE Roof Tech Associates are here to support and serve your needs during this very tense time. Hurricane Irma promises to be our biggest one yet. Please…

Catastrophic Failure!!

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Catastrophic Failure!! Seems like we have a common theme developing here. We have talked a lot about Single Ply roofing systems and that they aren’t all that they are hyped…

Emergency Repairs – Are You Storm Ready?

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Emergency Repairs It’s been awhile, since Charley, Frances, and Jeanne came knocking on our doors. Maybe you’ve forgotten the sheer havoc a real storm can bring. Even a Tropical storm…

Hybrid Roof Systems

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Hybrid Roof Systems Ease of  Application / Fast Watertight System / Production Friendly Modified Bitumen systems continue to evolve.  In an effort to remain competitive and with the decline in…


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Here’s another reason why single ply isn't the answer: Next time you're looking at a pre-engineered metal building with a metal roof and you think single ply is something to…

March Madness??

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March Madness?? At Polyglass we are always trying to improve our systems and provide you more options to install a better roof.  We have rolled out some new accessories to…

Big Thank You!

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Big Thank you! Thanks to all of you who donated to Dolphins Cancer Challenge. So far this year the DCC has raised over 4.8 million dollars.  Last month Team Polyglass…

Dolphins Cancer Challenge 2017 with Team Polyglass

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Dolphins Cancer Challenge with Team Polyglass Once again I will be participating in the Dolphins Cancer Challenge with team Polyglass riding 52 miles to support the Sylvester Comprehensive Cancer Center…

Time to Enjoy!

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Roof Tech Associates wish you and your family all the best during this holiday season and look forward to a beautiful New Year!  

Not an APP for your phone- An APP for your roof!

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Not an APP for your phone- An APP for your roof! Some manufactures will lead you to believe that SBS modifieds are the best solution for your low slope roofing…

Happy Thanksgiving

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During this season, we take time to reflect upon the good things we have... like our partnership with you. We appreciate working with you and hope that the holidays and…

SBS is Bubbling Hot!

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Defend your Roof from the Elements ...and other witch-y challenges. Let's stick to our themes of asphalt and redundancy, let's explore SBS modified roof systems. The Styrene Butadiene Styrene is…

Stay Safe

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Polyglas Self Adhered Modified Bitumen Roof Systems Dual Compound Technology

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Self Adhered Modified Bitumen Roof Systems  Self Adhered roofing has come a long way since the term “peel and stick” was coined. So what's the difference?   ADESO Technology! ADESO…

Smells like Money

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I remember standing on a top of a structure, watching a roof being installed and saying the smell is horrible, the contractor looked at me and said, “It smells like…

RTA Rooftops 101 – Silicone

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It's that time again! Session 2 of our Mini Roof-MBA series begins today of Rooftops 101 discussing the important facts about Polyglass and Silicone products. Session 2 Silicone Polyglass White…

RTA Rooftops 101 – Acrylic

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We are going to have a mini Roof-MBA for the the next few months, supplying you with all the important facts about Polyglass products in a quick and easy readable…
Team Polyglass Dolphins Cancer Challenge | Roof Tech Sales and Associates

Team Polyglass

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Team Polyglass in the Dolphins Cancer Challenge Welcome to 2016. We've left a successful 2015 in the rear view mirror and have high hopes for the new year. We are…

Who’s on your Roof?

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RTS & Associates sends holiday wishes to all of you! We'll be back to supplying you with the best roofing products and service in 2016! Jim Gory, President Paul Tillotson, Sales…
A Total Software Solution ProDBX - Roof Tech Sales and Associates

A Total Software Solution

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  What are 5 of the biggest questions you have about estimates, tracking progress and controlling costs of a job? THE BIG NEWS! RTS has partnered up with ProDBX, what…
Is One Thin Dime Enough? Roof Tech Sales and Associates

Is One Thin Dime Enough?

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  One thin dime.... Modified bitumen roofs have a proven track record. They are durable because of their redundancy and functional by design. They can also be energy efficient and…
Acrylic or Silicone Reflective Roof Coating - Roof Tech Sales and Associates

What kind of Polyglass -Acrylic or Silicone Reflective Roof Coating does your roof need?

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  Ever stay awake at night wondering about what kind of Reflective Roof Coating your roof needs? Yeah I didn’t think so, but just in case, I’d like to help…
market trends

Market Trends for Contractors – August

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Latest market Trends - August 2015 National Roofing Contractors Association offers a great market snapshot of the current trend in the major themes for contractors. It gives you a great…