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By May 17, 2021RoofTech
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Polyglass Time Trials for Self-Adhered Membranes

Polyglass is the largest manufacturer of self-adhered membranes in the U.S. Self-adhered roofing technology offers contractors safer, cleaner installations and significant savings in labor costs. To demonstrate these labor savings, Polyglass U.S.A., Inc. conducted a series of time trials that compare the installation times of various roof system configurations. In the time trial videos, Polyglass set up identical conditions for the roofing teams to apply a roofing system to a 1000-square-foot panel.

The videos show the step-by-step process for each roofing installation in the time trial and offer side-by-side comparisons of the results.

Watch all the Time Trial Videos Here






Two-ply torch (with FASTLap) vs. 2-ply ADESO self-adhered. The 2-ply ADESO self-adhered system required one less crew member and was installed in almost 2 hours less time than the torch-applied system — a 50 percent savings in labor.






Two-ply torch (with FASTLap) vs. Stick 1 Torch 1. The Stick 1 Torch 1 system saved the five-person crew one hour and ten minutes of time — a 30 percent savings in labor.






Stick 1 Torch 1 vs. 2-ply ADESO self-adhered. The 2-ply ADESO self-adhered system required one less crew member and saved the team a total of 47 minutes in installation time.






Two-ply torch (with FASTLap) vs. Velociflex.mThe Velociflex system, which offers protection in high wind zones, saved the 5-member team about 30 percent in labor costs.

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