How and Why it All Started

Roof Tech Sales & Associates

A family legacy, founded in 1997, Jim Gory set out to continue the tradition and utilize the extensive knowledge gleaned from an 80-year heritage in roofing. Roof Tech Sales & Associates set out to provide products and information through distribution, working directly with contractors, architects, consultants, and specifiers. We are an independent sales firm for the highest quality manufacturers in the roofing industry. Our focus is on sales, support, and customer service for our clients. In addition to marketing and sales support, we act as field consultants, provide training, and product guidance, and help develop specifications for Florida.



My Why

I thrive on finding solutions for my customers and their clients. When my customers win, we all win. I have a competitive spirit by nature and enjoy the sales process. A natural collaborator and student of roofing, always seeking new and innovative information.

  • Consistently a top performer for several national manufacturing companies & Past Presidents Club recipient
  • Served on the Board Of Directors at the CFRSA and the SFRSA.
  • Past president of CFRSA in 2000.
  • Elected member of Rep Advisory Board
  • Currently holds a patent pending for an innovative roofing application


What you don’t know about me is that I’m an avid cyclist and ride over 100 miles a week. Also a 10-year participant and fundraiser in the Miami Dolphins Cancer Challenge

Jim Gory

Founder, Independent Sales Representative

mobile: 407-342-4282
email: jim@rooftechassociates.com

My Why

I worked my way into this field by starting at the bottom and learning the ropes, customer service, inside sales, purchasing and financing, I understand every aspect. I love to find the shortcut to help people. I do the legwork for my clients so they won’t have to. I thrive on finding solutions for my customers and their clients.

  • I’m the glue that keeps everyone and everything together
  • Treat my clients like family
  • Degree in Business Management

What you don’t know about me is that I always answer the phone, the response I get is …I knew you would answer!!!

Cece Rooks

Sales and Marketing, Central Florida

mobile: 559-310-3504
email: cece@rooftechassociates.com

My Why

A lifelong Central Floridian, I have been in the commercial roofing industry for over 10 years. Before that, I was a contractor and understand all the ins and outs of construction. As an expert in the field, I know how to get to the info my clients need to complete the project.

  • Life-long Central Floridian
  • I am a Florida certified General Contractor
  • I am a double alumnus of Rollins College

What you don’t know about me is I studied in Spain, twice! 

David Edwards

Sales Manager

mobile: 407-280-8054
email: davidE@rooftechassociates.com

My Why

Branding is more than your logo and picking out your colors or building a website. There is a strategy and concept that needs to be worked out beforehand to get the best result for your business. I have been working together with RoofTech Associates since 2014 to enhance their brand and bring their vision to fruition on their website, and social media.

  • Worked in the fashion industry for 3 decades
  • Sales Director for a luxury brand
  • Worked and lived overseas for 15 years

What you don’t know about me is I speak fluent German! 

Michelle Balaun

Social Media & Marketing

mobile: 954-778-1886
email: mi@michellebalaun.com

My Why

An experienced sales professional, sales executive, entrepreneur, and business owner specializing in sales consulting and sales training. With over 35 years of sales experience in the IT services space, and over 8 years of experience in the sales training and sales consulting markets.

  • Creates customized sales training curriculums
  • Evaluating and coaching teams and managers
  • Delivered training services to enterprise accounts like Honeywell, Goodyear, Universal Forrest Products, Caterpillar, and Viking Group

What you don’t know about me is I love golf! 

David Plumb

Sales Training Coach

mobile: 407-324-0599
email: david.plumb@comcast.net