Our main product lines will cover all aspects of your roofing needs. You can read a summary from each manufacturer or visit their site for more information. These specific brands represent quality and continue with the very basis of the RTS & Associates mission of SERVICE, HONESTY, LOYALTY

Polyglass® became a leading manufacturer of modified bitumen roofing membranes in Europe in the 1960s. From there, it introduced the products and technology to the United States in 1992. Since then, Polyglass has grown to be a leading innovator in the roofing industry.

Kingspan is firmly established in the sustainable lighting, natural ventilation and smoke management solutions sector at a global level and provides a unique, vertically integrated offering in the market. The focus of Kingspan ‘Light and Air’ is to grow and invest in the new division with our partners, and to create a vibrant business that offers a compelling proposition to our end-customers.

SafePro Safety is a national manufacturer of rooftop safety products. Their patented SafePro Automatic Roof-Hatch Opener & SafePro Roof-Hatch Rails were developed by commercial roofing professionals with 30+ years of experience.

Safepro’s goals are simple: Prevent injuries and save lives, mitigate risks, provide OSHA compliance, and to improve building security.

Modi-Systems is a New Jersey Corporation established in 1982. Additionally, they are an exclusive manufacturer of roofing tools and products for both commercial and residential roofing. Also, Modi-Systems strive to supply excellent quality products, outstanding customer service and the ability to grow with the current times.