Calculate the Amount of Coating Needed for a Metal Roof

By May 22, 2020Florida Roofing
metal roof

Do You Need to Know How to Calculate the Amount of Coating Needed for a Metal Roof?

Polyglass has the answer! To calculate how much liquid roof coating is required for your project, you must multiple the roof’s surface area by either 1.2 or 1.3 — the number will depend on the specific roof profile.

metal roof

Not sure how to measure the roof? Polyglass technical expert Burt Roth walks through how to measure a corrugated metal roof for a coating application, in the instructional video below. Want more information on Polyglass’ Roof Coatings? Follow Polyglass on social media for up-to-date info and announcements. For direct consultation call your rep, Jim Gory for details 407-342-4282.

metal roof

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