POLYSTICK® XFR with Burn Shield

By August 16, 2021Florida Roofing
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Fire-Resistant Self-Adhered Roof Underlayment with Burn Shield Technology

Polystick XFR is a dual-purpose fire-resistant and self-adhered waterproofing underlayment approved for applications up to 265°F. Reduce your labor and material cost and enjoy peace of mind knowing that Polystick® XFR is providing extra protection against the elements. Double Down on Your Protection! Polystick® self-adhered underlayments provide a waterproofing shield that roof tile, metal, or shingle alone cannot match.

🔥Superior protection against fire spread/penetration and ember resistance in systems tested under UL 790

🔥Helps achieve UL Class A for Combustible Decks using a single layer*

🔥Robust 80 mils (2 mm) of waterproofing rubberized asphalt

🔥Self-Adhered with split release film for ease of application

🔥Fiberglass reinforced for added strength and dimensional stability

🔥Skid-resistant top surface with max 180 days exposure

🔥Dedicated side lap for consistently strong seams

🔥Approved for applications up to 265°F

🔥Up to 30-year warranty (Reference Polyglass Warranties Terms & Conditions)

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Polystick Video

More Polystick XFR with Burn Shield Technology info – Click here

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