What is Modbitification™?

By August 5, 2022Florida Roofing
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Modbitification™ and More…

Yes, Modbitification™ is a new word! Polyglass strives to innovate in all the roofing industry solutions. The 2-ply modified bitumen has tons of benefits, labor-saving results, increased efficiency, and warranty protection!

• Redundant protection of multiple layers, exceeding 250 mils
• Exceptional quality, proven strength, and long-term performance
• Exceptional quality, proven strength, and long-term performance
• Provides safe, clean, and efficient application
• Adheres directly to a variety of substrates
• Split release bottom-film for ease of install
• Immediate watertight seal upon installation
• Safe, no open flame application; may reduce insurance costs

Also available for cold weather applications; 25oF – 60oF (-4oC – 16oC)

Modbitification™ PDF






• Increased installation productivity
• Reduced labor costs, dried-in fast
• SEALLap® ULTRA side lap with self-adhesive compound for an instant bond tested stronger than all other application methods
• FASTLap® granule-free end lap provides faster, stronger seams


• Approved for a variety of substrates including Polyiso®
• Peace of mind with multi-layer redundant protection
• Highly reflective white cap sheet options featuring CURE Technology®

RoofTech Associates and Polyglass are ready to get you Modbitified! RoofTech Associates, a family legacy, was founded in 1997. Jim Gory set out to continue the tradition and utilize the extensive knowledge gleaned from an 80-year heritage in roofing. Roof Tech Sales & Associates set out to provide products and information through distribution, working directly with contractors, architects, consultants, and specifiers. We are an independent representative firm for the highest quality manufacturers in the roofing industry. Our focus is on sales, support, and customer service for our clients. In addition to marketing and sales support, we act as field consultants, provide training, and product guidance, and help develop specifications for Florida.

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