Here’s another reason why single ply isn’t the answer:

Next time you’re looking at a pre-engineered metal building with a metal roof and you think single ply is something to think about.  Pre-engineered buildings are not designed to have weight on the roofs.  The metal panels rest on the purlins and are mechanically connected to the system, whereas single ply typically rests on bar joists which are independent of one another. When you attach the metal panel to the purlin you are creating deflection, a single ply changes the roof surface compromising the flow of water potentially causing a failure between purlins.

Something else to consider is that flute filled metal roof pans cause a “Third Environment” if you will, resulting in condensation caused by the airflow. Consider the Roof Temperature plus Metal Roof Temperature plus Air Flow Between the two surfaces….You are creating condensation.  Condensation can cause rust, directly affecting the attachment of the roof systems fasteners as well as potentially rusting the roof panel itself. The bottom of the single ply can deteriorate too.

A white coating system is your answer!

With good slope and drainage coatings will not take on mold and turn dark the way single ply membranes do, but you still have to consider the environment around the building.  Look around, as you know trees and highways will turn any surface dark. The coatings system does not have the same imperfections that you can find in single ply that allow airborne debris to settle and turn to mold that spreads across the roof surface.

By coating, you’re not adding weight to the structure causing deck deflection. Coatings weigh approximately ⅓ of a pound per square foot. That certainly won’t put anyone in harm’s way. Remember, metal buildings are pre-engineered for a specific weight load.

Let’s face it coating creates more coating opportunities and we are all in business looking for more opportunities. Maintenance systems are the lifeline to what we do.

Keep in mind, the environment around the building will influence the long-term reflectivity of any system. Here are the answers to the single ply problems!

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