Emergency Repairs – Are You Storm Ready?

By June 28, 2017Polyglass

Emergency Repairs

It’s been awhile, since Charley, Frances, and Jeanne came knocking on our doors. Maybe you’ve forgotten the sheer havoc a real storm can bring. Even a Tropical storm (remember Matthew?) is strong enough to cause leaks or the destruction of a roof.

We all have seen the news about hurricane preparedness for our homes. But what about for our customer’s buildings and businesses?  In the event that we end up taking a direct hit or even a glancing blow from a tropical system. What are you going to grab off the shelf to get your customer watertight or operational?

Polyglass has what you need for the quick repair to stop the water from running into the building to the self-adhered membrane that will give you and the owner longer more time.

What You Need

When you need to stop water from running through flashings or open seams that have been separated from a Mod Bit roof system grab a few buckets of PolyPlus 50.  This is the premium modified wet/dry flashing cement in the market.  You can use PP 50 in areas that are wet or underwater the product contains SBS polymers and additives that will create adhesion in harsh environments where water is present. Because it is a flashing cement you can use PP 50 when repairing parapet wall details

On that shingle roof or any other asphalt based roof reach for buckets of PG 425 wet/dry flashing cement.  PG 425 is an ideal product for temporarily patching holes and cracks in wet areas and can be used in standing water as well.

As we’ve seen before, these storms can wreak havoc and cause total blow offs of existing roof systems and an emergency repair product can’t do the heavy lifting.

Long Term Solutions

Don’t forget that with our self-adhered products we can offer long term solutions.  We all know the ease and speed that you can get a deck covered and watertight with our underlayments giving you and the owner up to 180 days to exposure time to get a permanent roof covering on the structure.

Elastoflex SAV and Polyflex SAP will be your go to products for low slope projects that don’t have time to wait.  Offering redundancy and longevity and faster installations you can complete several low slope roofs before your competition is done retrieving single ply membranes from the Everglades. Polyglass has a plant in Winter Haven Florida and every one of these products are manufactured right here in our backyard making them readily available.

Check out these PolyGlass Products here:
PolyPlus 50,  PG 425,  Elastoflex SAV,  Polyflex SAP, Polystick MTS, PolyStick TU Plus, IR-Xe 

Roof Tech Associates is always here in an emergency and we’ll have plenty of product ready, call Jim Gory 407-342-4282, we are ready for the stormy season to come!

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