Catastrophic Failure!!

By August 7, 2017Polyglass

Catastrophic Failure!!

Seems like we have a common theme developing here. We have talked a lot about Single Ply roofing systems and that they aren’t all that they are hyped to be.  When you hear of massive or really catastrophic failures in roofing membranes they don’t generally occur with Modified Bitumen Roof Systems. Another reason Polyglass Mod Bit Roof Systems are the better option to single ply roofing.

What can go wrong….?

  • Small cuts in the membrane tend to turn into tears exposing the scrim that absorbs moisture and delaminates the membrane.
  • Blow Offs are real.  With the threat of hurricanes or other wind events, the threat of airborne debris is a reality.  When the membrane tears and strong winds get below the single ply the probability of it becoming a “sail” are significant.

What can go right?

Mod Bit roof systems are far less likely to have catastrophic failures like single ply roof systems.  Put the two products side by side.  You can recognize the durability in the construction of the mod bit membrane right away, that small tear or puncture is less likely to occur.

Because of the multi layer construction of Polyglass Modified Roof Systems you are less likely to see a catastrophic blow off like you would with single membranes.  Having multiple lines of defense against the elements and that potential tear you  will protect your owner as well as the contents below you roof assembly


Take a  good look at the building you are about to re roof.  What are the owners long term plans for the building? What is going to be under the roof you are about to install? What’s the best roof assembly you can offer?  Check out the Polyglass low slope products I’m sure there’s an assembly that we can design to meet the needs of you and your owner.

Roof Tech Associates is your best partner in catastrophic prevention, call Jim Gory 407-342-4282, and get peace of mind!


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