Polyglas Self Adhered Modified Bitumen Roof Systems Dual Compound Technology

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Self Adhered Modified Bitumen Roof Systems

 Self Adhered roofing has come a long way since the term “peel and stick” was coined. So what’s the difference?  

ADESO Technology!

ADESO Technology is what makes  Polyglass Self Adhered Modified Bitumen Roof Systems different and better. Polyglass offers something that no other manufacturer can.  A dual compound membrane. ADESO technology uses a polyester reinforcement to separate the adhesive side of the membrane which is not UV resistant and the APP granulated side that is a more resilient and durable compound.  In the Florida climate, we all know that durability and a better weathering compound is needed, which APP offers.  

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The differences don’t stop there.  With our factory applied Fast Lap Polyglass provides you with a granule free end and side lap so you don’t have to spend time embedding granulated laps.  These Fast Laps are protected by release films so the glue strips are not contaminated by debris, maximizing adhesion.   

Self Adhered Modified Systems have been around long enough for us to know that they work and are reliable.  SA systems offer the redundancy of plies that we all believe in, and their ease of installation allow for faster and safer installs with smaller crews and less equipment. Smells like money!

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Here’s how it works.

The bottom compound is SBS with adhesive, reinforced with a fiberglass mat saturated and coated with a rubberized asphaltic compound with exceptional waterproofing and weatherability properties. The top granulated surface is APP separated by the polyester reinforcement ,saturated and coated with a polymerized asphaltic compound. The top and bottom surfaces of the Polyglass APP Base are finished with poly film and both SBS and APP are proprietary to Polyglass.

Our competitors use a single compound, the problem with that, the adhesives breakdown when faster when exposed to the elements which early degradation of those compounds. The Polyglas Self Adhered Modified Bitumen Roof Systems has dual compound technology which has exceptional waterproofing and weatherability properties. Saves installation time, with the speed and ease of installation you can reduce the crew size.  Quality product, reduces expenses, still have questions ask Jim Gory at Roof Tech Associates,  407-342-4282,

Smells like Money

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I remember standing on a top of a structure, watching a roof being installed and saying the smell is horrible, the contractor looked at me and said, “It smells like money”.  Now I understand!

Asphalt has a proven track record and still works. Modified Bitumen membranes have changed the way low slope roofing is done.  Having returned to several projects that were installed over 15 years ago I’ve become increasingly impressed by their performance and durability.

While single-ply roofing has its place and works in certain applications, it is generally used to meet the budget on certain projects. Many of those projects are buildings that are going to be flipped or have owners that don’t have long term plans for the use of the facility.

smells like moneySingle-ply membranes have made many changes to their formulations over the years, seems like with each new launch they are trying to determine how they can improve the weathering package. Ever wonder why they focus on how much compound they have above the scrim? This makes single-ply a questionable choice.

Polyglass offers a full line of Modified Bitumen membranes and systems that will facilitate any project.  The redundancy of Polyglass systems gives you and the owner more protection. You will still be efficient and profitable but you can offer your customer longevity and energy efficiency. You need a product that can stand up to the extreme Florida climate, especially when exposed to excessive heat loads over a prolonged period of time.

What’s the weakness of single-ply roofs?  The answer is in the name.

Before deciding which is the right product for your roof, have a professional roofing consultation to learn all the benefits, drawbacks and which product would best suit your roofing needs, contact Jim Gory at Roof Tech Sales and Associates,  407-342-4282

Read Full PDF’s
Modified Bitumen
Energy efficiency.

RTA Rooftops 101 – Acrylic

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We are going to have a mini Roof-MBA for the the next few months, supplying you with all the important facts about Polyglass products in a quick and easy readable format. Your first section starts today….


Session 1 Acrylic

Polyglass White Coatings

Polyglass prides itself in producing innovative and quality roofing and waterproofing products which exceed the needs and expectations of our customer, this information series demonstrates this commitment.

Polyglass White Coatings are designed today for long-lasting service and manufactured with high integrity. Silicones aren’t the only answer.  Acrylics still have a place in the market.

(click on the links to go to specific detailed PDF’s on the products)

These products can be used over Metal, Mod Bit, and single ply roofs that are still serviceable and have good drainage.

  • Having great adhesion and reflectivity Polybrite 70 and PG 700 offer you the most competitive price and warranty offering in the white coatings.
  • The products and systems have Florida Building Code and Metro Dade approvals.
  • Full system warranted roofs will require fabric reinforcement.  

Success is in the Details

Like any other roof system, success is in the details. You still need to clean, repair and prep the roof prior to application. While not always necessary WB 3000 can be used to prime and prep metal, mod bit, and BUR using the WB 3000 will improve the spread rates of the coatings. Polybrite 78 is a washable primer that needs to be used over single plies. PB72 is our “butter grade” material ideal for wrapping penetrations and flashing details.

What does all this mean?  We have you covered.

  • PB 70 will be your answer to Government…Schools…Institutional specifications that will generally require UL and FM 4470
  • PG 700 will have the same warranty offering but will be the competitive product on your discretionary projects.
  • Polyglass acrylics can be brushed, sprayed or rolled on to the substrate.  
  • Like any other roof system you need to clean and repair the surface you are going over.  
  • Acrylics love acrylics meaning they can be recoated and you have more opportunities of recoating them and that means more coating opportunities.

PolyBright Acrylic Roof Coatings Advantages

  • Cleans up easily with water
  • Easy to apply
  • Brushes and rollers can be used repeatedly
  • Low VOC
  • Non flammable/safe
  • No smells
  • Can be recoated easily, usually without primers

To view a portfolio of solutions including acrylic and silicone click here

You’ve almost graduated with your mini MBA, next session Silicone, (and yes there will be a test!)

PG 700

Polybrite 70

Polybrite 78


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Team Polyglass Dolphins Cancer Challenge | Roof Tech Sales and Associates

Team Polyglass

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Team Polyglass in the Dolphins Cancer Challenge

Welcome to 2016. We’ve left a successful 2015 in the rear view mirror and have high hopes for the new year. We are all plotting our courses for success, health and happiness. Yes, business is important for Roof Tech Sales & Associates and Polyglass, but doing important and meaningful things that help people is also part of the FAMILY culture that we hold close to our hearts. Being a part of the bigger picture, because there is more to life than just focusing on roofing. Creating long term relationships and partnerships is our mission.
Team Polyglass Dolphins Cancer Challenge | Roof Tech Sales and Associates
February 20th Team Polyglass will be participating in the Dolphins Cancer Challenge by riding 46 miles to raise money for the Sylvester Cancer Center. This year the event has more meaning to me than ever because cancer has touched my inner circle of friends and my family very recently. In one way or another we’ve all been affected by this disease.


What is the Sylvester Cancer Center?
  • Sylvester serves as the hub for cancer diagnosis and treatment for UHealth -University of Miami Health System
  • Sylvester handles 1,100 inpatient admissions annually.
  • Sylvester performs more than 2,400 surgical procedures and treats more than 4,100 new cancer patients annually.
  • All Sylvester physicians are on the faculty of the Miller School of Medicine, South Florida’s only academic medical center.
  • Today there are more than 305,000 outpatient visits at the cancer center.
  • There are more than 250 physicians and scientists working on approximately 168 clinical trials and receive more than $49 million annually in research grants.
I’ll be riding with Team Polyglass for this important cause and ask you to participate by donating to Sylvester through my sponsorship link. The amount doesn’t matter. Polyglass is one of the major sponsors of this event and Roof Tech Associates would love to have your support.
Is One Thin Dime Enough? Roof Tech Sales and Associates

Is One Thin Dime Enough?

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One thin dime….

Modified bitumen roofs have a proven track record. They are durable because of their redundancy and functional by design. They can also be energy efficient and competitive.

Keeping in step with “COOL” roofing, Polyglass offers versions of energy efficient and highly reflective modified bitumen roof systems. Polyfresko G and Polyfresko SA featuring CURE TECHNOLOGY which provides a highly reflective surface that is resistant to discoloration and granule loss. Using thin film resins the granules stay embedded to the compound. That means longer reflectivity, and in Florida we understand trying to keep the heat off of us and keeping your cooling cost down.

Why Cure Technology?

  • Aesthetics – With minimal “torch scorch” and Cure Technology Detail and Repair Finish to surface all seams and details, a Polyfresko G & SA roof maintains its bright white appearance over time
  • Highly Reflective, Environmentally Friendly – Eligible for LEED® points as part of qualified cool roof system
  • Stain-free – Polyfresko G & SA will not discolor over time; resistant to surface blemishes and dirt pickup
  • Safe & Secure – As part of a Polyglass multi-ply system, Class A Fire Rating with extended warranties available
Single ply roofing isn’t the only option anymore for reflectivity. So, when you’re standing on the next low slope roof that you are trying to sell, ask the question “Is one thin dime enough”?
If the first and only line of defense from the elements is compromised, your roofing system is compromised and everything below it is at risk. Doesn’t it make sense to add multiple plies to a roof? Roof Tech & Associates knows and understands that.

Polyglass self adhered base sheets and cap sheets can be installed quickly with relatively small crews making for faster water tightness on flat decks. Using smaller roll sizes than single ply membranes makes it easier to handle material in “tight quarters” especially when you have to work around mechanical equipment. Self Adhered Mod Bit and hybrid modified systems require very little rooftop equipment making the installation quick, easy and clean.

Did you know…
The Department of Defense does not approve of the use of TPO Roof systems that have a lifespan of more than 10 years. Click here to read the full UFC  (view pages 14-16 for specific info)

Redundancy equals durability – a two ply system consisting of one ply of Elastoflex SAV and Polyglass Polyfresko G is 6.2 millimeters thick (think of adding a third layer of SAV) while a 60 mil TPO only gives you 1.52 millimeters of protection…..that’s roughly the thickness of a DIME!!!

Roof Tech Associates can advise you on the right system for your roof to get the maximum protection for you and your owner.
Will dimes protect the dollars under that roof project? Using the right product will!! Call Jim at 407-342-4282 or email at
Acrylic or Silicone Reflective Roof Coating - Roof Tech Sales and Associates

What kind of Polyglass -Acrylic or Silicone Reflective Roof Coating does your roof need?

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Ever stay awake at night wondering about what kind of Reflective Roof Coating your roof needs? Yeah I didn’t think so, but just in case, I’d like to help you out with some specifics, you know just in case…

Roofs in Florida do well with a reflective coating because it helps keep the heat out. As much as you may love Florida sunshine, the roof really is ‘baking’. Your roof can’t go sit in the shade. Polyglass offers a reflective coating line with competitive pricing and multiple specifications to complete your project. The two most common types of coatings from Polyglass are Acrylic and Silicone. Both offer versatility and can be used on a variety of substrates. Generally, these are 6 points why you would choose a reflective coating roof:

  1. Extends the serviceable life of a roof
  2. Current roof cover is at end of service life, leaks due to seam or flashing failures
  3. High reflectivity cools the roof surface
  4. Seamless waterproofing system
  5. Re-coatable and easily repaired
  6. “Cool Roofs” offer high solar reflectivity

Now you see the roof of your dreams is a reflective coating roof, the next decision is a Polyglass Acrylic or Silicone coating. Our professional customer service and sales team can help determine which coating would be best for your project. They will take into consideration all the important details and give you the best options. Here is a quick review about Acrylic Coatings.

Polyglass Acrylic Coating : Polybrite 70 PG 700

  • Best Value for UV resistance
  • Water based and not flammable
  • Easily repaired
  • Warranties range from 5-10 years and can be renewed with additional coating

Things to be aware of when using acrylic

  • Cure times vary based on humidity and weather conditions
  • Can “wash off” if there isn’t enough cure time
  • Does not hold up well in ponding water
  • Requires tapes, caps, and fabrics for most restoration projects

Every roof has different needs so the option for Silicone Coating might be best for your specific project.  Here is a quick review about Silicone Coatings.

Polyglass Silicone Coating: Polybrite 90 Polybrite 95

  • Best UV resistance
  • One component
  • Fast cure time resistant to “Wash off”
  • Resistant to Biological growth
  • Available in low VOC formulation
  • Work well in ponding water
  • Warranties range from 5-20 years
  • Compliant with UL, FM, Energy Star, CRRC, LEED

Things to be aware of when using silicone

  • Solvent based product has a flash point
  • Equipment needs special care
  • Shorter shelf life
  • Absorbs asphalt and needs a primer
  • Must be recoated with silicone

Now that you are knowledgeable about reflective coatings,  Polyglass has two great products that can cool that hot roof, protect it from weather and to top it off, be serviced by professionals that can answer all your questions and provide a complete and correct restoration of your roof. Contact Jim at RTS & Associates for more details and to arrange a professional to review your options.

Call or Email: 407-342-4282 –

Quick reference sheets on Polyglass products (pdf’s below)

PB70_JAN_2014_V12_tab_grey_web (1) PG700_JAN_2014_V12_GREY_web (1) PB95_PDS_20150519 (1) PB90_SDS_20150519 (1)


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