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Polystick® by Polyglass!

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For Every Roof Need!

Polystick® Self-Adhered Underlayments, produced by Polyglass U.S.A., are manufactured with ADESO®, a patented Dual-Compound Self-Adhesive technology which provides for a high-temperature weathering surface and an aggressive adhesive compound on the bottom, all which is reinforced with a high strength fiberglass mat.

Service & Support

We also provide service and support when you need it. Our team of experts assists customers from concept to completion with each phase of the project. We provide consistent communication and technical support, to expedite the process, keeping your projects on time and on budget.

  • If Polyglass makes it, Polyglass has a 30-year materials and labor warranty on it!
  • Florida Made!
  • Weather Resistant
  • High Wind Performance
  • SEALLap® Patented
  • Self Sealing Membrane

Q-Rewards Program

Double Points! Polyglass rewards contractors for product purchases, with Q Rewards loyalty program. For every invoice submitted, points are earned that can be redeemed for thousands of rewards ranging from electronics to your next family vacation. Ask your rep, Jim Gory for details.

Download our handy pdf.

New from Polyglass – Velociflex!

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The System Within The Name- the ability to withstand high wind velocity with extreme flexibility.

The Polyglass Velociflex high wind resistant roof assembly is designed for steel or structural concrete decks. This system is suitable for new, reroof (Tear Off) or recover. The assembly consists of insulation (preliminary attached), mechanically attached base sheet, optional base ply with a bonded roof cover.









Simple to understand, explain, support and believe in! Even better — all of these benefits are now available to our architect, engineer, consultant and contractor base with the quality of our products! Click the image above for an installation video.

The density of the fasteners installed on the side lap of the base ply along with the specific Polyglass product being used shapes the ultimate negative uplift capabilities. Along with the assembly design from the deck up, the cap ply bonding method is used to shape and determine the negative uplift capabilities. All methods of attaching the cap ply (APP & SBS) are available depending on the negative uplift desired. Torch, Asphalt, Cold Applied, and Self-Adhered.

Velociflex Brochure

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CERTA Safety Programs

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Safety Programs Significantly Reduce Accidents

The number of serious roofing torch-related fire incidents has decreased significantly since 2004 when the Torch Safety program was implemented in the roofing industry. For example, in 2002, one major insurance company paid 35 roofing torch-related fire losses of more than $1,000 and 11 of more than $500,000. In 2005, after only one year of the Torch Safety program implementation, the same insurance company paid 13 losses of more than $1000, including only two of more than $500,000. The Torch Safety program had made a significant effect on the safe use of roofing torches throughout the roofing industry.

Certified Roofing Torch Application

Contractors that need to be proficient and trained in the application of our roofing materials that require torching (open flame) techniques.  The National Roofing Contractors Association (NRCA) developed a program called Certified Roofing Torch Applicator (CERTA). The CERTA training program is ideal for contractors whose work involves torch applications. The full-day program trains experienced roof system installers on the safe use of roofing torches used to apply polymer-modified bitumen roofing products. CERTA training shows how proper roof system configuration design and application techniques can result in fire-safe installations.
roof torch rta









If you are not trained, you need to get trained:

CERTA delivers these requirements through a certification program where authorized trainers delivering effective behavior-based training to roofing workers. MRCA continues to work with NRCA to make sure the program is up-to-date and of the highest quality. There is no comparable training program available in the roofing industry.

Polyglass Keeps it Kool with Polyfresko!

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Polyfresko with Cure Technology is right for the job!

Polyglass, the company that changed the roofing industry with its ADESO Dual Compound Technology is leading the industry again with Polyfresko, featuring CURE Technology.

Cure Technology results in a longer lasting, environmentally friendly, higher quality modified bitumen membrane. Polyglass developed CURE Technology to make modified bitumen membranes more durable, with increased longevity, which features energy savings and enhanced aesthetics, without compromising the ease of installation and performance.

  • Cool Roofing Rating Council initial SRI value of 96 and a three year aged SRI value of 89
  • Polyfresko performs to Energy Star (R) standards for reflectivity
  • Premium membrane construction for exceptional durability and puncture resistance
  • Scorch resistant surface
  • Exceptional granule retention

Roof Tech Associates is the area leader for Polyglass products, call Jim at 407-342-4282 or email

Polyfresko Membrane Projects in Florida

Joseph Caleb Daycare Center
RTA polyfresko




North Regional Library Miami






Sarasota High School

RTA polyfresko






Click the links below for more specific product information on the Polyglass Polyfresko products with Cure Technology

What is Cure Technology?

A thin film technology infused with ceramic microspheres, ultraviolet (UV) stabilizers, and proprietary resins. Cure Technology is applied to modified membranes to:

  • Increase longevity and reflectivity
  • Improve stain-resistance and granule adhesion
  • Prevent damage from UV rays

Polyfresko G SA

Polyfresko G

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Hurricane Irma

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Roof Tech Associates are here to support and serve your needs during this very tense time. Hurricane Irma promises to be our biggest one yet. Please be safe!

Many severe accidents happen from storm surge, flying objects, and electrical dangers. Please wait until the storm is over to inspect your property. Then call us.

Roof Tech Associates

Catastrophic Failure!!

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Catastrophic Failure!!

Seems like we have a common theme developing here. We have talked a lot about Single Ply roofing systems and that they aren’t all that they are hyped to be.  When you hear of massive or really catastrophic failures in roofing membranes they don’t generally occur with Modified Bitumen Roof Systems. Another reason Polyglass Mod Bit Roof Systems are the better option to single ply roofing.

What can go wrong….?

  • Small cuts in the membrane tend to turn into tears exposing the scrim that absorbs moisture and delaminates the membrane.
  • Blow Offs are real.  With the threat of hurricanes or other wind events, the threat of airborne debris is a reality.  When the membrane tears and strong winds get below the single ply the probability of it becoming a “sail” are significant.

What can go right?

Mod Bit roof systems are far less likely to have catastrophic failures like single ply roof systems.  Put the two products side by side.  You can recognize the durability in the construction of the mod bit membrane right away, that small tear or puncture is less likely to occur.

Because of the multi layer construction of Polyglass Modified Roof Systems you are less likely to see a catastrophic blow off like you would with single membranes.  Having multiple lines of defense against the elements and that potential tear you  will protect your owner as well as the contents below you roof assembly


Take a  good look at the building you are about to re roof.  What are the owners long term plans for the building? What is going to be under the roof you are about to install? What’s the best roof assembly you can offer?  Check out the Polyglass low slope products I’m sure there’s an assembly that we can design to meet the needs of you and your owner.

Roof Tech Associates is your best partner in catastrophic prevention, call Jim Gory 407-342-4282, and get peace of mind!


Review these Polyglass products

PolyfreskoPolyflex GPolyflex SElastofles SAVPolyglass Base

Emergency Repairs – Are You Storm Ready?

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Emergency Repairs

It’s been awhile, since Charley, Frances, and Jeanne came knocking on our doors. Maybe you’ve forgotten the sheer havoc a real storm can bring. Even a Tropical storm (remember Matthew?) is strong enough to cause leaks or the destruction of a roof.

We all have seen the news about hurricane preparedness for our homes. But what about for our customer’s buildings and businesses?  In the event that we end up taking a direct hit or even a glancing blow from a tropical system. What are you going to grab off the shelf to get your customer watertight or operational?

Polyglass has what you need for the quick repair to stop the water from running into the building to the self-adhered membrane that will give you and the owner longer more time.

What You Need

When you need to stop water from running through flashings or open seams that have been separated from a Mod Bit roof system grab a few buckets of PolyPlus 50.  This is the premium modified wet/dry flashing cement in the market.  You can use PP 50 in areas that are wet or underwater the product contains SBS polymers and additives that will create adhesion in harsh environments where water is present. Because it is a flashing cement you can use PP 50 when repairing parapet wall details

On that shingle roof or any other asphalt based roof reach for buckets of PG 425 wet/dry flashing cement.  PG 425 is an ideal product for temporarily patching holes and cracks in wet areas and can be used in standing water as well.

As we’ve seen before, these storms can wreak havoc and cause total blow offs of existing roof systems and an emergency repair product can’t do the heavy lifting.

Long Term Solutions

Don’t forget that with our self-adhered products we can offer long term solutions.  We all know the ease and speed that you can get a deck covered and watertight with our underlayments giving you and the owner up to 180 days to exposure time to get a permanent roof covering on the structure.

Elastoflex SAV and Polyflex SAP will be your go to products for low slope projects that don’t have time to wait.  Offering redundancy and longevity and faster installations you can complete several low slope roofs before your competition is done retrieving single ply membranes from the Everglades. Polyglass has a plant in Winter Haven Florida and every one of these products are manufactured right here in our backyard making them readily available.

Check out these PolyGlass Products here:
PolyPlus 50,  PG 425,  Elastoflex SAV,  Polyflex SAP, Polystick MTS, PolyStick TU Plus, IR-Xe 

Roof Tech Associates is always here in an emergency and we’ll have plenty of product ready, call Jim Gory 407-342-4282, we are ready for the stormy season to come!

Hybrid Roof Systems

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Hybrid Roof Systems

Ease of  Application / Fast Watertight System / Production Friendly

Modified Bitumen systems continue to evolve.  In an effort to remain competitive and with the decline in hot asphalt applied roof systems, Modified Bitumen systems are more effective than ever.  Now that there is increased usage and acceptance of self-adhered roofing why not combine previous practices and today’s technology and create a hybrid system?

The new hybrid…It used to be combining the “old” built up roofing method of mopping two plies of Type IV fiberglass and a Mod Bit, was considered the Cadillac of roof systems. Those systems became too expensive from a labor perspective. Now that roofing projects have become more about “labor bids” how can you remain competitive and efficient?  Reduce crew sizes, install more square footage and get the roof watertight at the same time.

Polyglass has great options for you. Elastoflex SAV, use our self-adhering base sheet over an approved substrate and torching either Polyflex G or Polyfresko G. SAV offers you an easy and production friendly installation. SAV consists of two squares of coverage that your crews can have the roof watertight with less effort. Self-adhered installation practices are still required. And don’t forget to roll the SA to ensure contact with the substrate and adhesion.

Heat welding Polyglass Polyflex G or Polyfresko G to the Elastoflex SAV will give you the redundancy that the BUR systems provided and durability that single ply roofs cannot (remember the weakness is in the name). Heat welding our App membrane to the SAV creates a monolithic compound that will meet the budgetary and warranty needs of nearly any project.

Review these Polyglass products here, SAV, Polyflex G, Polyfresko G

Learn more about hybrid systems using Polyglass products from Roof Tech Associates, call Jim Gory 407-342-4282, or Paul Tillotson 402-407-2062, Roof Tech Associates, they’ll help you find the best product for your project.


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Here’s another reason why single ply isn’t the answer:

Next time you’re looking at a pre-engineered metal building with a metal roof and you think single ply is something to think about.  Pre-engineered buildings are not designed to have weight on the roofs.  The metal panels rest on the purlins and are mechanically connected to the system, whereas single ply typically rests on bar joists which are independent of one another. When you attach the metal panel to the purlin you are creating deflection, a single ply changes the roof surface compromising the flow of water potentially causing a failure between purlins.

Something else to consider is that flute filled metal roof pans cause a “Third Environment” if you will, resulting in condensation caused by the airflow. Consider the Roof Temperature plus Metal Roof Temperature plus Air Flow Between the two surfaces….You are creating condensation.  Condensation can cause rust, directly affecting the attachment of the roof systems fasteners as well as potentially rusting the roof panel itself. The bottom of the single ply can deteriorate too.

A white coating system is your answer!

With good slope and drainage coatings will not take on mold and turn dark the way single ply membranes do, but you still have to consider the environment around the building.  Look around, as you know trees and highways will turn any surface dark. The coatings system does not have the same imperfections that you can find in single ply that allow airborne debris to settle and turn to mold that spreads across the roof surface.

By coating, you’re not adding weight to the structure causing deck deflection. Coatings weigh approximately ⅓ of a pound per square foot. That certainly won’t put anyone in harm’s way. Remember, metal buildings are pre-engineered for a specific weight load.

Let’s face it coating creates more coating opportunities and we are all in business looking for more opportunities. Maintenance systems are the lifeline to what we do.

Keep in mind, the environment around the building will influence the long-term reflectivity of any system. Here are the answers to the single ply problems!

Doing the best thing for the owner is doing the best thing for your business. Roof Tech Associates is doing right by you, call Jim Gory 407-342-4282, or Paul Tillotson, 402-407-2062, at Roof Tech Associates, they’ll help you find the best product for your project.

March Madness??

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March Madness??

At Polyglass we are always trying to improve our systems and provide you more options to install a better roof.  We have rolled out some new accessories to our coatings systems. Here are some of the great products we have for you!

Polybrite 70QS

Polybrite 70QS Think Florida summer rain, and rain and rain…and your new acrylic coating system doesn’t have time to cure before the afternoon storm rolls in!  Every roofer in the state has had this experience. Half of your coating and all of your day’s labor ends up in a drain. Polyglass 70QS employs a quick set polymer which can provide some resistance to early rain exposure, the best news ever!

Polybrite 75

Polybrite 75 is a high tensile strength elastomeric that is used to protect the roof coating where you have areas of heavy foot traffic and areas that require maintenance from other trades.  Using this in a “Kool Grey” allows for picture framing areas where rooftop maintenance should occur.

Polybrite 77

Polybrite 77 is a premium grade SEBS thermoplastic rubber coating.  PB77 offers 950 percent elongation and 1300 psi tensile strength.  You can use this product on metal roofing repairs and re-coats to seal screw heads and reinforce vertical and horizontal seams of metal panels in lieu of fabric.

With all things Polyglass, call Jim Gory or Paul Tillotson at Roof Tech Associates, they’ll help you find the right product.