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Why create Roof Tech Sales & Associates?

My family has been in the roofing industry for for over 60 years, I am actually the third generation. Having caught that entrepreneurial spirit, from my family the rep business was a natural transition. In 1997, I began to represent a loyal network of contractors and distributors for specific product lines. These product lines have the certainty that RTS & Associates will provide them with professionalism and integrity. Being totally integrated in the roofing network, I also have served on the Board Of Directors at the CFRSA and was a past president in 2000.

What is my focus at Roof Tech Sales & Associates?

SERVICE – HONESTY- LOYALTY. I think those are the necessary assets needed to have a reliable business. My favorite part is to create a market for a product and take it mainstream.

What is my vision for Roof Tech Sales & Associates?

My vision for RTS & Associates is to add specific product lines and build a team of representatives who are eager to specialize and create markets for those product lines. I can see RTS & Associates growing in these markets throughout the state.

What you don’t know about me is that I’m an avid cyclist and ride over 100 miles a week.

Jim Gory

Jim Gory

Founder, Independent Sales Representative

mobile: 407-342-4282
email: jim@rooftechassociates.com

Paul Tillotson

Paul Tillotson

Sales Represenitive

mobile: 407-402-2062
email: paul@rooftechassociates.com

Why Roof Tech Sales & Associates?

I have known the Gory family for a long time and I sort of fell into roofing the roofing business after my teaching career. I had been involved in the roofing, manufacturing and distribution side of the business for years and that’s when I connected with Jim. We both have an entrepreneurial vision for providing clients with the most effective solutions to their needs.

What you don’t know about me, I have a classical music background and am a jazz trombone player!